"The honest, supportive, and collaborative atmosphere of every SIPP@Brown activity truly provided a window into what graduate school and an academic career could ideally be like."

"SIPP@Brown is a phenomenal program. I met incredible students with whom wonderful experiences were shared."

"The professors and mentors at SIPP@Brown held me to a high standard (without putting me under stress and pressure) and were incredibly helpful in their critiques of my work."

"The other students in the program were wonderful; they made these classes some of the best I’ve ever taken. Though we all came from different philosophical backgrounds, we came together over a shared love for playing with ideas. I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity to participate in such an amazing program, and more excited than ever about pursuing philosophy professionally."

"For the first time, I got to experience first hand the variety of ways that philosophy is done and taught, which let me think more about whether I wanted to be in philosophy in the future. I definitely understand professional philosophy and graduate school better than before, which means I can make better decisions for myself."

"I am extremely grateful to everyone at Brown who was involved with SIPP because it really was an invaluable experience. I think the program is a fantastic idea, and I think more schools who can afford to do so should consider setting up SIPP-like programs. I can now see myself in graduate school, which is something that was difficult to picture before."

"SIPP helped me determine what I want out of my future education and career; I left the program feeling empowered and confident about my prospects as an academic."