On July 29, 2016, the Brown University Department of Philosophy will host the SIPP@Brown Conference. The conference will be held in the first floor seminar room in the philosophy department in Corliss-Brackett House (45 Prospect Street, Providence, RI).

9:00am    Coffee available

9:30am    Lionel McPherson (Tufts University), "The Costs of Violence: Reviving King for the Obama Era", with comments from Kirun Sankaran.

11:30am   A.W. Eaton (University of Illinois, Chicago), "Taste in Bodies and Fat Oppression", with comments from Yongming Han.

1:30pm    Lunch break

2:30pm    Meghan Sullivan (University of Notre Dame), "The Past, Regrets, and Rational Planning", with comments from Chad Marxen.

4:30pm    Roundtable on Diversity in Philosophy**

6:00pm    Dinner (Faculty Club, One Magee Street)**


All talks are free and open to the public, but in order to give us a sense of how many people will be attending it would be helpful if you can register by filling out the following form.

Name *

*Professor Eaton's participation in the conference is being supported by a generous contribution from the American Society for Aesthetics.

** Participation in the roundtable and attendance at dinner limited to program participants and invited guests only.